Knowledge, experience, responsibility

J.Karklins Law Firm applies knowledge, experience, responsibility and moral values to ensure high quality and exclusiveness of its legal services. We embody the fundamental idea upon which a lawyer’s work rests – helping the client, being their trustee, and always saying the truth.

Our lawyers are professional service providers, who are also engaged in Latvian legal academic community, in working groups for drafting laws, and serve on committees established by various state institutions. This allows us to keep our practical work on a consistently high level and reinforce the professional reputation of our firm by each achievement.

In our field we are called a boutique style law firm.

Legal services


10 Feb 2017

J.Karklins law firm cooperation with “”

The lawyers of the J.Karklins Law Firm not only dedicate their time to the advocacy of their client’s rights, but are regularly involved in various charity activities, providing support to persons who needing it most. For several years, the foundation “” has been the most significant cooperation partner to which the Law Firm provides pro bono legal advice.

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